The Spirit

The idea of calling it Seva Kitchen, came with some deliberation. The name , quite literally, draws on the traditional value of selfless giving - a desire to serve or doing Seva. Although we started off by making meals accessible to relatives of patients in hospital, the term Seva Kitchen continues to cover a broader ambit of addressing hunger needs. Towards this guiding principle is the belief that every kitchen, in every town, village or city is a Seva Kitchen. The provider of succour to those who are hungry, because every meal counts !

Serve at these Locations

Food is needed at the following locations for the needy. If you need more information about the location just click on the Hyperlinked Location. If you wish to serve at a location , just call the coordinators of the Location and they will guide you on the day of the Seva and what you can get. We at Seva Kitchen do not accept Money, so no money is to be paid Seva Kitchen Coordinators.

City Location Videos Clips Coordinators Mobile    No of People Days of
of Seva  Name Number at this Location  Seva
Bangalore  Whitefield Area (Underprivileged Children)

Whitefield Area (Underprivileged Children)

- Reena Murjhani 8095750404 100 Sunday
Chennai  T Nagar (Homeless)

T Nagar (Homeless)

- Bhuvana Rajaram 9841596366 150 Saturday
Hyderabad  Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences

Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences

View Shaila Chavaly 9390004190 300 Thursday
Hyderabad  L.V.Prasad Eye Hospital

L.V.Prasad Eye Hospital

- Anjani Prathi 9848598188 80 All Days
Hyderabad  Sharadadhamam (Underprivileged Children)

Sharadadhamam (Underprivileged Children)

- Archana Vadala 9866650782 350 Thursday
Hyderabad  MNJ Institute of Oncology

MNJ Institute of Oncology
The MNJ Institute of Oncology & Regional Cancer Center is a 250 bedded comprehensive cancer care center on paper upgrading this institute to 450 bedded cancer center is under active consideration of the Govt. and is the sole tertiary public referral center for entire state of Andhra Pradesh. The institute is not only catering to the needs of the patients of the state of Andhra Pradesh but also to the patients from neighboring border states. Even patients from countries like Nigeria are being treated at this institute. Morethan 10,000 new cancer patients are registered per year and morethan 110,000 patients come for follow-up totaling of 120000 patients per year. 1500 major surgeries and 1000 minor surgeries are performed per year. Every day 300 patients are being given Radiotherapy and about 300 patients are being given Chemotherapy per day. More than 1.5 lakh cancer-related investigations are done every year. It is the only comprehensive tertiary cancer center of the state Government to provide surgery, radiotherapy and medical oncology and palliative care services free of cost to all the patients below the poverty line. The above mentioned statistics are one of the highest in our country. We have also started 40 bedded Paediatric Medical Oncology ward with support of NATCO trust at an estimated cost of Rs.1.0 crore. Another NGO IMPACT has constructed additional ward to accommodate 35 children all totaling to 75 bedded ward for care of children with cancer and will be the third largest in the country.

- Sonal Ravi Deuskar 9000012631 100 Thursday
Mumbai  Charni Rd Rly Station (Underprivileged Children)

Charni Rd Rly Station (Underprivileged Children)

View Arnawaz Patel 9930015893 80 Sunday
Mumbai  Aarey Milk Colony(Underprivileged Children)

Aarey Milk Colony(Underprivileged Children)

- Cassandra Nazareth 9820224450 50 Sunday
Mumbai  Mumbai Cental RTO (Underpriviledge Children)

Mumbai Cental RTO (Underpriviledge Children)

- Miloonee Shah 9757396953 60 Sunday
Nagpur  Central India Institute of Medical Sciences

Central India Institute of Medical Sciences
Seva is done at this Hospital at 7.00 PM every Sunday. There are about 200 people at this location who need food. They are patients relative who come from neighbouring states. You can serve 5,10,15 Cooked meals as per your convenience.

View Khushroo Poacha 9561011264 200 Sunday
Nagpur  Mayo Hospital

Mayo Hospital

View Khushroo Poacha 9561011264 350 Saturday
Nagpur  Nagpur Rly Station (Underprivileged Children)

Nagpur Rly Station (Underprivileged Children)

View Cyrus Major 9890068108 50 Monday
Nagpur  Arneja Heart and Multispeciality Hospital

Arneja Heart and Multispeciality Hospital

View Trupti Tonde 9423762790 50 Sunday
Nagpur  Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Regional Cancer Hospital

Rashtra Sant Tukdoji Regional Cancer Hospital

View Barkha Vasani 9823962252 80 All Days
Nagpur  Snehanchal Palliative Care

Snehanchal Palliative Care
Snehanchal is a Cancer Hospice where terminally ill patients from all sections of society are given loving care free of cost. You can give Coconut water for the patients and provide meals for their relatives who stay there.

- Khushroo Poacha 9561011264 10 All Days
New Delhi  Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital

View Ashok Pandey 9818507955 200 Sunday

How we do Seva

We help you get together with like-minded individuals, creating a group to contribute as little as 5, 10 or 20 meals and collectively distribute it to the needy in a location you wish to serve. As the group increases, the number of meals increases and newer possibilities emerge! Be creative in expanding networks and linkages. Easily doable, easily servable and easily acceptable! Keep it simple and it will simply grow!

Identify A Location where people need Food

You can identify a location in your city. It could be a hospital, hospice, night-shelter, a slum or a gathering of poor destitute people who need food. Send us a photograph, address of the location, and the number of people who need food on our email id .