The idea of Seva Kitchen was sown towards the end of 2014. Set in the backdrop of personal experience of spending time in hospital with a patient - my mother, this first-hand experience of seeing people struggle to provide for the treatment of loved ones and compromising on their own health, often with rationed resources , was moving.

The Spirit

The idea of calling it Seva Kitchen, came with some deliberation. The name , quite literally, draws on the traditional value of selfless giving - a desire to serve or doing Seva. Although we are now concentrating on making meals accessible to caretakers of patients in hospital, the term Seva Kitchen continues to cover a broader ambit of addressing hunger needs. Towards this guiding principle is the belief that every kitchen, in every town, village or city is a Seva Kitchen. The provider of succour to those who are hungry, because every meal counts !

Our Vision

To ensure that every family in need of a decent, healthy and fresh meal, while attending to their patients, across hospitals in India have a meal delivered to them - on a Sunday, with warmth and love. We are striving to do this with creating a network of dedicated individuals through effective use of whatsapp groups, our facebook page, calls and SMSes.

Get Involved in a Sunday Seva

The Seva service is only on Sundays. So here's an opportunity to spend a super satisfying Sunday! Spare a little time, share a little food, spread a little solace. All it takes is serving fresh meals to the needy at Hospitals across India. Be it 1, 5, 10 or 20 meals you choose to contribute. No number is small for a larger cause of feeding the needy.

Please call us on 09561011264 or Whatsapp, SMS your name, the name of your city and a Hospital Close to you. Once you are part of our willing database, we will connect you with like minded people in your city/area. You can then take your generosity call and commit to serving the patient - caretaker families. Make the right food connections alongwith family and friends. For, it does not take much effort but a heart to share a meal.

How we do Seva

A few methods have taken our work forward ! Firstly, we help you get together with like-minded individuals, creating a group to contribute as little as 5, 10 or 20 meals and collectively distribute it to the needy in hospitals close to you. As the group increases, the number of meals increases and newer possibilities emerge! Be creative in expanding networks and linkages. The food is kept simple; veg-biryani or roti-sabji or roti-dal. Easily doable, easily servable and easily acceptable! Keep it simple and it will simply grow!

Secondly, establish a kitchen, identify a hospital closest to you and get family and friends to contribute-raw materials, cooking or serving. A simple 3-4 hours commitment every Sunday, pays rich dividends.

Thirdly, getting caterers and restaurants on board. Their invaluable skills of mass cooking with the desire to serve has seen contributions from them. It is not their left-overs from parties and functions but freshly cooked simple meals that are served with warmth and compassion. As they feel socially responsible, a few meals from their end makes a big difference.